Date: 11/03/2016

7 Quick Getaways in the UK

Embarking on a short retreat or two this summer is a great way to recharge your batteries without having to set aside an enormous travel budget

7 Quick Getaways in the UK

With warmer weather approaching, Britons are already making plans for their summer holidays.  Whilst many will no-doubt head for popular summer getaway destinations such as Majorca and Tenerife, there is ample opportunity for shorter holidays within the UK.

Embarking on a short retreat or two this summer is a great way to recharge your batteries without having to set aside an enormous travel budget.  What you may not have realised is that Leisure Guard Travel Insurance covers travel within the UK, so long as you pre-book a minimum of one night’s paid accommodation away from home.

If you are thinking of doing some exploring closer to home this summer, consider visiting one or more of the following destinations:

  1. The Fylde Countryside: Surrounding St Anne’s and Lytham, the Fylde Countryside is a tranquil haven that is rich in culture, heritage and more than a few excellent shopping opportunities. Here, you’ll find everything from villages with traditional glassblowers to converted barns and thatched cottages.
  2. Southport: Within reach of both Manchester and Liverpool, Southport is a classical Victorian resort that makes for the perfect quick escape from the city. It features one of the oldest ports in the UK along with a wealth of activities, attractions and restaurants to enjoy. 
  3. Pembrokeshire: The Welsh countryside is at its finest in Pembrokeshire, especially for those who stay in a rustic, self-catering cottage on the coast. This area is perfect for a two or three-day getaway.  Many of the cottages for hire here will allow your pets to come as well.
  4. South Downs: South Downs National Park features market towns, rolling hills and some all-around breath-taking landscapes.  This is a great place to retreat and be refreshed over the weekend – but you could easily stay longer given the variety of events and activities available.            
  5. Pentewan: Lying on Cornwall’s south cast, the village of Pentewan began as a humble fishing village in medieval times. Today, Pentewan Sands resort is the prime attraction, offering everything you’ll need to relax, unwind and revel in the spectacular seascapes. 
  6. North Tyneside: North Tyneside boasts Roman ruins with UNESCO World Heritage credentials, along with a castle, lighthouse, aquarium and waterpark. Pop-up markets make this a particularly vibrant place to visit at the weekend. You can also go surfing or even enrol in lessons here.
  7. Greater Yarmouth: This is the finest seaside resort in Norfolk, and it offers plenty for the entire family to enjoy. The Golden Mile features arcades and attractions, whilst the surrounding countryside hosts charming villages and scenic views. 

With so many fantastic UK holiday destinations on offer, you could easily spend your entire summer holiday within national borders. But the good news is that you don’t have to choose whether to stay close to home or travel farther afield. Thanks to competitive travel insurance products from Leisure Guard, you can travel with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you and yours are protected – both within the UK and beyond. 

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